MTK Syllabus

Content of exercises of the MTK – Style

  • Basic exercises:
    a) taoist breathing
    b) horse posture
    c) false foot posture
    d) form standing postures
  • Relaxation/coordination exercises (r-c)
  • 13 postures form
  • Tui Shou basic exercises  : one hand/two hands (fixed steps)
  • Free Tui Shou (beginners)    : one hand/two hands (fixed steps)
  • Function of the postures and r-c exercises in Tui Shou (fixed steps)
  • Stepping and turning exercisesFunction of the postures in combination with stepping and turning
  • Moving steps Tui Shou exercises (intermediates)
  • Martial chi kung
  • Long form
  • Free Tui Shou (moving steps, intermediates)
  • Energy issuing exercises
  • Fast form
  • Free Tui Shou (advanced)
  • Fighting form (two person) (san shou tui ta)
  • Hand/fist strikes locks and pressures
  • Free fighting – San Da
  • Small orbit chi circulation exercise
  • Big orbit chi circulation exercise
  • Tai chi sabre
  • Tai chi spear
  • Tai chi sword