6. Juni 2015
Fernando Chedel

Interview with Luce Condamine

Fernando, I was delighted to meet you in Jasnieres where I really liked your approach to Tui Shou. You are Argentinean, and you spend some of your time teaching in Europe. How did Taijiquan come into your life? Who were your teachers?
5. Juni 2015
Fernando Chedel

Interview with Ronnie Robbinson

Taijiquan came into my life a little “accidentally”: I was studying physics at university, but then there was some political unrest, so I had to stop for a while… and because I had always wanted to do a martial art, I started studying Karate under Jorge Casella. This teacher was already a good fighter. And I did Yoga to provide a balanced training. One day he introduced a Chinese master to us, Ma Tsun-Kuen.